FSEA History


with Flossie, Webster, and SunnEA

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Ann Shroll, EA, Danny Underwood, EA, Jerry Joyce,
EA, Jeffrey Schneider EA, CTRS and Diana Molina, EA

 Flossie, Webster, and SunnEA at home in the SFS Tax Office


1.) The First Twenty Years
2.) Picture Collage

by Margaret D. Davison, EA, Historian



1. Margaret Davison, EA 1978-1980 Deceased
2. Irene Lichtefeld Neff, EA 1980-1981
3. Barton Davis, EA 1981-1982 Inactive
4. Bryan Gates, EA 1982-1983 Lifetime Member
5. Glenn Stephens, EA 1983-1984 Deceased
6. Wally Morton, EA 1984-1985 Inactive
7. Frank Bauman, EA 1985-1986 Deceased
8. Richard “Dick” Hansen, EA 1986-1987 Deceased
9. Harold Burman, EA 1987-1988 Deceased
10. Terry Goff, EA 1988-1989
11. Ralph Kirst, EA 1989-1990 Inactive
12. Don Roberts, EA 1990-1991 Deceased
13. Robert Wallis, EA 1991-1992 Inactive
14. E. Ann Shroll, EA 1992-1993 Lifetime Member
15. David Kinser, EA 1993-1994
16. Joyce Madzinski, EA 1994-1995 Inactive
17. Susan Rogers Poteet, EA 1995-1996 Inactive
18. William Jones, EA 1996-1997
19. Jean Gates, EA 1997-1998 Inactive (CA)
20. Pamela Roberts, EA 1998-1999 Inactive
21. William Payne, EA 1999-2000 Deceased
22. Jerry Joyce, EA 2000-2001 Lifetime member
23. Richard Crouse, EA 2001-2002
24. Dale Stone, EA 2002-2003 Inactive
25. Eduardo Leiseca, EA 2003-2004
26. Lynn Schmidt, EA 2004-2005
27. Louis “Andy” Frasheur, EA 2005-2006 Inactive
28. Ruth Booth, EA 2006-2007
29. Diana Molina, EA 2007-2008
30. Danny Underwood, EA 2008-2009
31. Karen Reinagel, EA 2009-2010 Inactive
32. William Weidenback, EA 2010-2011 Inactive
33. Anita Manuel, EA 2011-2012
34. Ana Magda Guillen, EA 2012-2013
35. Jeffrey Schneider, EA 2013-2014
36. Twila Midwood, EA 2014-2015
37. Michael A. Carlisle, EA 2015-2016
38. Roberto Pons, EA 2016-2017




History of the Hunk

During her time as an officer of FSEA, Ann Shroll, EA found there were no guidelines on what was required for doing the job. So, beginning with her tenure as Secretary and up through President of FSEA, she wrote manuals to be passed on to each incoming officer. As a special request when she became  President-elect, Susan Rogers and several other ladies of the society presented her with “The Hunk” and asked her to write a manual on “How to Get a Man”. At the banquet, everyone was dancing with the Hunk until we finally had to hide him before he became completely beat up.

Ann kept the Hunk and had hubby Ken repair him from the above mayhem. Then, at Ann’s convention, she had written a play “Raiders of the Lost Dollars” (a parody on the popular Raiders of the Lost Ark that was popular in theatres). Each chapter was given a skit to perform during the play. The Space Coast Chapter presented Mildred Wages as a Crazy Lady and Howard Wechsler as the Man. Her skit was called “Hooray, hooray, I’m going away with the man in the little white coat”. So, when all the skits were over, Ann presented the Academy Awards to all the actors/actresses and since Mildred wanted a “man”, she was presented with“the Hunk”. Ann made the request to Mildred that she had to bring him back to next year’s convention and present him to another female FSEA member and so that tradition began.  Each person who won the hunk was to keep him for a year, sign their name on him somewhere and present him to another person at the following convention. This tradition was followed by a lot of fun and revelry through the years.

 Hunk, Flossie and Webster (Hunk passed away in 2013)
SunnEA, the new baby sister!!!